Neuroimaging Micro-Credential

This micro-credential will provide an overview of neuroimaging tools and a hands-on introduction to analyses of brain imaging data. We motivate each topic with a specific use case, for example: “how can neuroimaging be used to assess stroke and guide treatment?” We then discuss how we can use neuroimaging technologies to acquire data and perform analyses that help address each example. Throughout we will highlight the many technologies that exist in this space.

Across 4 modules you will learn about

1. An overview of neuroimaging methodologies

2. Structural neuroimaging (CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET)

3. Functional neuroimaging using fMRI

4. Functional neuroimaging using EEG/MEG

You will complete assessments to show your skill development, and upon successful completion receive a digital micro-credential via Accredible that you can display on your LinkedIN and resume.


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